Why Piano Lessons?

Who can imagine a life without music? To be able to play
a beautiful melody on your piano, or watch your child learn
to play a favorite song - that is a joy. The piano is an ideal
first instrument. Regardless of your age or skill level, the
piano is a perfect way to introduce music into your life.

It is especially noteworthy that many school honor students
play the piano, and famous people in most walks of life
also excelled in music. The correlation between success
in music and success in life is not coincidental.


Playing the piano has been linked to brain development:
· higher scores on tests measuring spatial reasoning
  (a skill used in math, science, and engineering)
· higher SAT test scores
· improvement in the brain's neural circuitry

Music education has also been linked to psychological health:
· self discipline
· stress relief
· ability to concentrate
· patience
· sense of accomplishment



The rewards of learning to play the piano can last a lifetime.
If you are an adult who has never played a musical instrument,
learning to play the piano can stimulate brain function helping
to keep you sharp as you age. The investment in a piano is one
that will reap dividends for your family for a lifetime.

It is a joy for me to teach students of all ages, whether it is teaching children the fundamentals, or a program of study for adults and advanced pianists.   Please consider piano lessons as a valuable investment into yourself or someone you love today.



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